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    • What happens if I no longer want to host the CoolSpot?

      Wish to no longer host, simply email returns@emrit.io. You will be issued a return label free of charge to return your CoolSpot.
    • My CoolSpot is online, but I don't see it on the Emrit Dashboard?

      Your CoolSpot will appear in your app.emrit.io dashboard once the unit has been provisioned. Please note, the unit will appear offline during transit. If you still don't see your device please open a support ticket so we can resolve through our ...
    • Can I change the location of my CoolSpot?

      Yes! With remote reassertions, we can change your CoolSpot location on the Helium blockchain whether it's plugged in or not. You can fill out this form: https://emrit.io/reassert-request1/.
    • 3 easy steps to reset your CoolSpot

      Unplug your device from the power source for 10 minutes. Pair the device again through the Emrit app and connect to the internet through WiFi or ethernet cable. Once the device has been successfully paired, the CoolSpot will sync to the blockchain so ...
    • How to update my Helium wallet address on the Emrit dashboard?

      You can update your wallet by logging into your Emrit dashboard here. Click on the drop down menu in the top right corner and select edit wallet. Once you submit the new wallet address, please ensure you reach the confirmation page to validate the ...