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Port Forwarding on Wifi Bridge of Cell Phone

Hi all,

I am facing the relayed device issue, like a lot of other people. The common solutions that I found for this issue is to do for port forwarding. The only issue is that, since I am living in a student dormitory where the internet access to any device is via student credentials on the campus wifi portal and since there is no way to put these credentials on the device itself, so I have connected my spare cell phone to the wifi campus instead and than made a wifi bridge on my cell phone to connect my hotspot. The connection was well established as I had inbound and outbound, but my device is on relayed status, like since forever. I searched a lot but I didn't found a method to do port forwarding of the wifi bridge of the cell phone. Due to this issue my earnings are hugely affected and so are the earnings of devices in my vicinity. I would really appreciate if someone could give me a viable solution to this issue.

Thanks and Cheers :)  

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