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20% payment??

do you all get the 20% at the end of the month??

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didn't get a penny this month.

you have be collecting a full month 1e till 31e then its oke.

use the discord to stay up to date.  .works oke

I have 2 months and have not been paid. I send and email and received a ticket# and I am still waiting. Ticket states they would get back to be in 48 hours. It has been 9 days. I send a second email and also no response. If by Wednesday next week, I don't get a response, I am disconnecting my service and sending it back.

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use the discord to stay up to date.and communicate direct with emrit

Same here, I havent received any response to my ticket. I can´t add my walllet address to the dashboard. Password verification doesnt work. If by next week, I dont get any reply I will disconnect the miner and send it back! 

Nothing is for free in life and this is the exact example. 

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Over 3 months, Still no answer from Emrit. Unbelievable! Very frustrating.

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same as Darryl and Eisden - can't update wallet, over 2 months, no payment - can't even get a return label, so I guess the will just rot on a shelf.  Very disappointing they have 0 support or interest.  Discord people do answer some stuff...but no staff support to fix actual issues from what I see.

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I live in New York. My machine made over made about $5000 in Helium. I was suppose to get 20%. Never got a penny. It only cost them a machine that I still have collecting dust. It's been disconnected for 2 months. I haven't received an email or nothing. Unbelievable.

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wow, contact them directly on discord....

Contacted on discord, no response!!!

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make sure you tagg a MOD 

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Well-it’s all fun and games until you realize you can’t even access your few hundred dollars that you did get paid because helium isn’t on any other platform to transfer to in order to actually spend it. It is on Binance, but I guess they hate Texans over there at the old bi to tha nance because my address and even my home I grew up in are not able to be used. So-it’s $5,000 which sounds awesome in theory, but it isn’t worth jack diddly squat until it becomes tangible. Grrr.

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thats bad >>>

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Use and coinbase android app in the playstore. To cash out trade it over into USDT to get the most profit. Use the coinbase usdt deposit address to send it over to coinbase.
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