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Coolspot for my country

Hi sir, I'm from india Tamil Nadu, who is interested in making this community more wide and I myself need this emrit cool spot. You see there are 0 helium hotspots in our country by this don't underestimate that you can't have a good mining rate by sending us your coolspot, let me explain you how could I make a good mining rate and spread your network here. I have 10 people who is having a great interest connection and willing to mine helium, but they don't wanna buy hotspot same as me. Here we also calculated and the places where we decided to plant the coolspot is around 400 meter which is a key distance for better mining and make a proper connected hotspot network. We also did many researches to implement this successfully, so please respond me that could you make and deliver a coolspot of our frequency which will more likely to the Nebra out door hotspot so that we could make a good start from my place with my people in India to begin with. Please respond we are always here to support you.
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I have been following Helium hotspot for long. They have not openly announced any plan In India yet. We to eagerly waiting for Emrits free hardware adoption. Requesting Emrit team to announce Indian market soon. Cheers all
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