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Helium Hotspot Relayed

Can't figure out why my coolspot is relayed. No one in my area (8 hotspots) is relayed. Asked Helium discord and found out that I need to setup my modem/router to have port forward 44158 used. but nothing seems to work.

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I am relayed also, and read the same thing - but I don't know how to actually do it. My router is leased from my telecom company. No idea how to actually change the ports?

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Hi all, here to see how many people are having the same issue as me, And I see there hasn't been a response on here in a while. But thats okay so hopefully someone sees this and they can help me resolve this problem. Thanks for the support, and this is this and email is the only other way to communicate.

Hello, I also had the same issue with the relay of port on router. There’s no easy fix to it, you are gonna have to learn how to port forward your port on the router yourself, add a Rule of allowing coming and going traffic into port 44158 I believe it was and then it’ll fix the issue. There’s thousands of ports on your router for devices, networks, etc. Almost 90% of them should be closed or only allowing a certain amount of data in or out for internet services, cable, gaming, etc. The reason ports are closed is because that’s how cyber criminals access your network by finding open ports, and installing vulnerabilities in them. You’ll need to open that 1-Port both ways by adding a rule, and that’ll fix your issue.

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Hey all..Reupping this question...I'm running through a Linksys mesh and trying to figure out how to get the port forward here too. I've connected via Wifi direct into the router and it doesn't work that way either. I've forwarded 44158 both ways, I've put in the DHCP reservation, etc

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