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Cannot log into dashboard

Tried logging in and I don't have a password saved in my Lastpass. Tried using the "Forgot password" link and when I enter my email it says my email is not verified. I searched through all of my emails and I do not have a verification email from emrit.

I have the coolspot set up and running but would like to be able to log into the dashboard to monitor performance.

Any way around this?

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I can't sign in there either

This link should work, managed to figure it out as Emrit did not reply

same problem here

404 page not found....

I unplugged mine until this gets sorted. I'm not going to leave mine plugged in wasting my electricity while someone else owns the funds. If I don't hear back from Emrit then I will assume this is all a scam and will just keep the raspberry pi unit as compensation.

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Same, I am getting "502 Bad Gateway" constantly.

I get this error when I try to reach Login page

502 Bad Gateway

I am having the same issue with accessing the dashboard.

Having the same issue

Having the same issue

same here does not work 

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