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Cannot log into dashboard

Tried logging in and I don't have a password saved in my Lastpass. Tried using the "Forgot password" link and when I enter my email it says my email is not verified. I searched through all of my emails and I do not have a verification email from emrit.

I have the coolspot set up and running but would like to be able to log into the dashboard to monitor performance.

Any way around this?

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I get an error too

dashboard is broken, waiting for update. Check on discord when fixed

cannot log in says my email and username not found..buut i get emrit emails to my email acct.. also earnings dashboard says 404 not found

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try the following:   this works for me.

12 days without a response . Thats ridicolous …
Thanks man.

problem is solved if you connect to

mine is working fine now and you can ask all your questions on line ..


I have the same issue… not receiving any confirmation code . I sent a ticket to emrit and still no response since 9 days… actually uploading them videos when i tried acc verification…

yes after full month mining . 

i received some HNT but not 20% off what i mined last month..

So we receive the payment at the end of the month (20%)

i think we cant sign up because the  equipment is not ours. We only use it for emrit.

Do you all get 20% payment end off month??

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I lost my helium wallet address.
I would like to account for the emrit. io / dashboard but I get error.
i can't check email it gives me error

works now but you have to ask for a new password log on.

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