Miner Light Earnings Flatlined

Why are my earnings flatlined?

Miner Light firmware was initially launched across the Helium network on May 11, 2022.  As part of this launch, firmware was uploaded to Helium hotspots and validators connected to the network.  Various additional firmware updates and bug fixes have been uploaded to the network since as the network attempts to stabilize the Miner Light deployment.  During this period, some CoolSpots may see their earnings go to zero (flatline) for a few days.  Don't worry, this is normal.  As long as your CoolSpot has the status of "Active" on https://explorer.helium.com, there is nothing you need to do.  You should expect to see your earnings return in the coming days.  If you disconnect or reboot your CoolSpot, it may prevent you from receiving critical firmware upgrades which will delay your earnings.

Please note that if the status of your Coolspot is "Inactive", you will need to take action to get your unit connected to the blockchain.  We recommend the following actions to get your unit earning again:
1. Power off your CoolSpot for 5 minutes
2. Plug back in your CoolSpot
3. Use your Emrit mobile app to re-pair the unit back to your network.  
4. Run "Network Diagnostics" to validate your unit is connected to the network.  See this article for more information. https://emrit.io/how-to-run-diagnostics-on-your-emrit-coolspot/
5. If you still have problems getting your CoolSpot connected, you can submit a help ticket for support from our team of experts
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