How secure is a CoolSpot™ and PlanetWatch sensors?

How secure is a CoolSpot™ and PlanetWatch sensors?

Our technology is secured by end-to-end encryption, with multiple layers of hardware and software, giving you maximum security for both your devices and data. No security incidents have been reported from any of our hosts. We provide the encrypted pipes for your data transfer, and only the sender and receiver will know what the data is. We do not gather, store, or monetize the data because it’s all encrypted!

We use advanced technologies to ensure that your devices are secure, and there is no network snooping. On top of that, all our CoolSpots™ are:
– Hardware secured with end-to-end, chip-level encryption
– Protected from inbound port attacks
– Zero interaction with other devices on your network, besides the router
– Constantly tested for vulnerabilities
– The connection that you provide the CoolSpot™ is only used to connect your device to the Helium blockchain in the cloud, and without access to any of your data on your network.

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