How long will the delivery take?

How long will the delivery take?

Your CoolSpot should be shipped within 10 days of payment on our website.
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    • What happens if I no longer want to host the CoolSpot?

      Wish to no longer host, simply email You will be issued a return label free of charge to return your CoolSpot.
    • How do I track my order?

      After you order a CoolSpot we will provision your location on the blockchain before it ships. You will receive tracking number through email once your order ships.
    • What countries are eligible for CoolSpots?

      We are shipping to the below-mentioned countries and we will be adding more countries to this list in the near future as our business expands. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - 50 STATES PLUS D.C. CANADA  AUSTRALIA  AUSTRIA BELGIUM BULGARIA CZECHIA (CZECH ...