How do I earn cryptocurrency from Emrit devices?

How do I earn cryptocurrency from Emrit devices?

Our devices run decentralized applications that earn cryptocurrency rewards by validating actions on a blockchain. The first devices we’re sending hosts are our CoolSpot Helium miners that earn (HNT) cryptocurrency and soon PlanetWatch air-quality sensors that earn (PLANETS) cryptocurrency will be available. CoolSpot Helium miners transmit network coverage and pass data on Helium’s IoT network– the world’s first wireless network to run on a blockchain. PlanetWatch sensors use an IoT signal to collect and store global air-quality data on an immutable blockchain.

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    • How much cryptocurrency can I earn from a Helium?

      If you signup to be an Emrit host, you will get 50% of the HNT tokens earned by the helium miner for an upfront payment of $199. As of early 2022, the typical payback period for an Emrit host is 4-6 months, then it’s all profit. Helium miners retail ...
    • Does Emrit have plans to support other blockchain applications?

      Yes, Emrit has a robust pipeline of projects which will provide our community of hosts earning opportunities for years to come. Join us on Discord or follow us on Twitter to become a part of the conversation and stay up to date with the latest news.
    • I don’t know anything about blockchain or IoT. Do I need to?

      Nope, that’s the beauty of Emrit. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to chip away at crypto mining through a hosting process, which keeps all the difficulties out of the equation for you. This means you can earn cryptocurrency by using extra ...
    • Does Emrit have a referral program?

      Yes! You can refer friends and family and we will reward you with 5% of the miners’ earnings for 12 months.
    • What is PlanetWatch?

      PlanetWatch was designed to help decrease air pollution around the world by building a global air-quality monitoring network that targets pollution hotspots and provides valuable information that benefits everyone’s health. PlanetWatch sensors earn ...