Can I receive my earnings through other exchange wallet address?

Can I receive my earnings through other exchange wallet address?

We recommend you open a wallet on the Emrit mobile app to receive your HNT earnings. You can easily transfer HNT to other wallets once it's received. Note, exchanges may suspend deposit's at any time for maintenance or other issues. Emrit is not responsible for fund's stuck in transit during this time. 
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    • How to update my Helium wallet address on the Emrit dashboard?

      You can update your wallet by logging into your Emrit dashboard here. Click on the drop down menu in the top right corner and select edit wallet. Once you submit the new wallet address, please ensure you reach the confirmation page to validate the ...
    • When are my monthly HNT rewards sent to my wallet?

      Payments are sent out once a month through our mass pay cycle. All of the previous months earnings will be distributed to the wallet provided. We do aim to have all payments out by the 10th. 
    • Unable to transfer funds out of your Emrit Wallet?

      In order to transfer HNT out of your Emrit wallet, you must import your Helium wallet into the Emrit app using your 12 seed words. If you haven’t created a Helium wallet yet, download the Helium mobile app (LINK) and create a wallet. Follow these ...
    • Can I withdraw at anytime?

      Once HNT has been transferred to your personal wallet from Emrit you can transfer it to any crypto wallet.
    • How long does my 5% referral bonus last?

      You will be eligible to receive the 5% referral bonus for an entire year (12 months).​​